Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Points of Contact

The purpose of the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP) is to provide informational events and activities for the members of the reserve component of the Armed Forces, their families, and community members to facilitate access to services supporting their health and well-being through the phases of the deployment cycle:

  1. Pre-deployment
  2. Deployment
  3. Demobilization
  4. Post-deployment/reconstitution

The Army Division, G-1, in coordination with the California Army National Guard, J-1; the Army Division, G-3,and Operation Ready Families, has developed a program that assists more than just the soldier, but provides support and services to soldiers' families, soldiers' employers, and communities, as well as their respective units.

The YRRP provides education, information, services, referrals and proactive out-reach opportunities for all involved throughout the entire deployment cycle.

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Yellow Ribbon Staff

Name (Click to E-mail) Office Phone Mobile Phone
Mr. Dennis Morgado 916-854-3222 916-317-7220
CPT Angela Delwiche 916-854-3353 916-320-3365
MSG Jason Del Mundo 916-854-4499 916-854-4499
SFC Keith Duronslet 916-854-4475 916-869-1089
SGT Scott Jenkins 916-854-3879 916-317-5503
SPC Mai Khang 916-854-3105 916-317-5428
SPC Dea McKee 916-854-3270 916-317-5155
SPC Joseph Pry 916-854-3068 916-317-5696

Regional Contacts

Name (Click to E-Mail) Region Office Phone
SFC Shannon Davis Northern CA 916-854-3244
SGT Blanca Gutierrez Northern CA 916-854-4442
SFC Andrew Matthews Southern CA 916-854-3335
SSG David Dieu Southern CA 562-795-2741
Erin Black Los Angeles 562-477-9153
Anthony Adams San Diego 619-219-9091
Lucy Cabezuela Central CA 559-341-6456
Suzy Phillips Northern CA 707-239-0068

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