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A search for Assembly Veterans Affairs Committee returned 4 bill(s)

AB 1529 - Assembly Veterans Affairs Committee
National Guard Education Assistance Award Program
02/01/2016 - Died pursuant to Art. IV, Sec. 10(c) of the Constitution.
Deletes the sunset date for the National Guard Education Assistance Award Program which provides financial aid to qualifying members of the California Nation Guard, the State Military Reserve, and the Naval Militia....
AB 2561 - Assembly Veterans Affairs Committee
Veterans Cemeteries
06/14/2016 - From SENATE Committee on VETERANS AFFAIRS: Do pass to Committee on APPROPRIATIONS.
Establishes the State Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Project Donation Fund. Requires that donations for the cemetery for a purpose specified by the donor instead be deposited in the fund, and be expended for the specific veterans cemetery maintenanc...
AB 2562 - Assembly Veterans Affairs Committee
Military Service: Benefits
06/15/2016 - In SENATE. Read second time. To third reading.
Relates to military service benefits. Deletes references to the date a reservist is called to active duty, both the definition of a reservist and payment deferral provisions, thereby making benefits available to any reservist who otherwise meets the ...
AB 2563 - Assembly Veterans Affairs Committee
Veterans: Service Advocate: Correctional Facility
06/14/2016 - From SENATE Committee on VETERANS AFFAIRS: Do pass to Committee on APPROPRIATIONS.
Relates to veterans, service advocates and correctional facilities. Revises the definition of a veteran by deleting the reference to the American Red Cross and including a person who has been discharged from the National Guard of any state....

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