H 179

Title: Veterans Educational Assistance and Franchise Training
Author: Griffin

Amends Title 38, United States Code, to allow certain veterans to use educational assistance provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs for franchise training.

01/04/2013 INTRODUCED.
01/04/2013 To HOUSE Committee on VETERANS' AFFAIRS.
01/04/2013 Additionally referred to HOUSE Committee on ARMED SERVICES.
01/22/2013 In HOUSE Committee on VETERANS' AFFAIRS: Referred to Subcommittee on ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY.
02/08/2013 In HOUSE Committee on ARMED SERVICES: Referred to Subcommittee on MILITARY PERSONNEL.

Bill Text
01/04/2013 - H 179 (Introduced)
01/05/2011 - H 179 (Introduced)

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    Rep. John Timothy Griffin
    (Republican) - U.S. Representative

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