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AbleData Logo Our database lists more than 21,000 currently available products from more than 8,000 companies. The database also offers information on non-commercial prototypes, customized and one-of-a-kind products, and do-it-yourself designs. To find specific products for children or parents with disabilities, we recommend that you use the Advanced Search by Keyword below. Note: Many assistive devices are now covered by Medicaid or Medi-Cal.

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  • Aids for Daily Living
    Products to aid in activities of daily living.
    Major Categories: Bathing, Carrying, Child Care, Clothing, Dispenser Aids, Dressing, Drinking, Feeding, Grooming/Hygiene, Handle Padding, Health Care, Holding, Reaching, Time, Smoking, Toileting, Transfer.

  • Blind and Low Vision
    Products for people with visual disabilities.
    Major Categories: Computers, Educational Aids, Health Care, Information Storage, Kitchen Aids, Labeling, Magnification, Office Equipment, Orientation and Mobility, Reading, Recreation, Sensors, Telephones, Time, Tools, Travel, Typing, Writing (Braille).

  • Communication
    Products to help people with disabilities related to speech, writing and other methods of communication.
    Major Categories: Alternative and Augmentative Communication, Headwands, Mouthsticks, Signal Systems, Telephones, Typing, Writing.

  • Computers
    Products to allow people with disabilities to use desktop and laptop computers and other kinds of information technology.
    Major Categories: Software, Hardware, Computer Accessories.

  • Controls
    Products that provide people with disabilities with the ability to start, stop or adjust electric or electronic devices.
    Major Categories: Environmental Controls, Control Switches.

  • Deaf And Hard of Hearing
    Products for people with hearing disabilities.
    Major Categories: Amplification, Driving, Hearing Aids, Recreational Electronics, Sign Language, Signal Switches, Speech Training, Telephones, Time.

  • Deaf Blind
    Products for people who are both deaf and blind.

  • Education
    Products to provide people with disabilities with access to educational materials and instruction in school and in other learning environments.
    Major Categories: Classroom, Instructional Materials.

  • Environmental Adaptations
    Products that make the built environment more accessible.
    Major Categories: Indoor Environment, Furniture, Outdoor Environment, Vertical Accessibility, Houses, Polling Place Accessibility, Lighting, Signs.

  • Housekeeping
    Products to that assist in cooking, cleaning, and other household activities as well as adapted appliances.
    Major Categories: Food Preparation, Housekeeping General, Cleaning, Ironing, Laundry, Shopping.

  • Orthotics
    Braces and other products to support or supplement joints or limbs.
    Major categories: Head and Neck, Lower Extremity, Torso, Upper Extremity.

  • Prosthetics
    Products for amputees.
    Major categories: Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity.

  • Recreation
    Products to assist people with disabilities with their leisure and athletic activities.
    Major Categories: Crafts, Electronics, Gardening, Music, Photography, Sewing, Sports, Toys.

  • Safety and Security
    Products to protect health and home.
    Major Categories: Alarm and Security Systems, Child Proof Devices, Electric Cords, Lights, Locks.

  • Seating
    Products that assist people to sit comfortably and safely.
    Major Categories: Seating Systems, Cushions, Therapeutic Seats.

  • Therapeutic Aids
    Products that assist in treatment for health problems and therapy and training for certain disabilities.
    Major Categories: Ambulation Training, Biofeedback, Evaluation, Exercise, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Perceptual Motor, Positioning, Pressure/Massage Modality Equipment, Respiratory Aids, Rolls, Sensory Integration, Stimulators, Therapy Furnishings, Thermal/Water Modality Equipment, Traction.

  • Transportation
    Products to enable people with disabilities to drive or ride in cars, vans, trucks and buses.
    Major Categories: Mass Transit Vehicles and Facilities, Vehicles, Vehicle Accessories.

  • Walking
    Products to aid people with disabilities who are able to walk or stand with assistance.
    Major Categories: Canes, Crutches, Standing, Walkers.

  • Wheeled Mobility
    Products and accessories that enable people with mobility disabilities to move freely indoors and outdoors.
    Major Categories: Wheelchairs (Manual, Sport, and Powered), Wheelchair Alternatives (Scooters), Wheelchair Accessories, Carts, Transporters, Stretchers.

  • Workplace
    Products to aid people with disabilities at work.
    Major Categories: Agricultural Equipment, Office Equipment, Tools, Vocational Assessment, Vocational Training, Work Stations.

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