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  1. CHOOSEIT! MAKER 2 Picture of CHOOSEIT! MAKER 2 ChooseIt! Maker 2 is a lesson authoring program designed to enable teachers of children with learning, cognitive, upper extremity, and fine motor disabilities or spinal cord injury to create customized, switch-accessible choice training programs for their students. This program is similar to SwitchIt! Maker (see separate entry) but is intended to create activities for students who have advanced beyond cause and effect programs and need to begin to make choices. It enables teachers and other user...[More Information]

  2. IBM VIAVOICE TEXT-TO-SPEECH SDK The IBM ViaVoice Text-To-Speech SDK (Software Developer Kit) is a software authoring and voice output program designed for use by software developers in making their programs accessible to individuals who are blind or have low vision or learning disabilities. This program can be used to create voice output for Windows or Linux applications, including applications with limited system resources such as ATMs. An almost unlimited number of voices can be generated by modifying gender, pitch, head siz...[More Information]

  3. LOQUENDO TTS DIRECTOR Picture of LOQUENDO TTS DIRECTOR Loquendo TTS Director is a software authoring tool designed for use by application designers in adding voice output to their software or application to make it accessible to individuals who are blind or have low vision, or have learning disabilities. This multi-platform Java development tool helps the application developer to write vocal messages for applications and to add voice output using any kind of text. The developer may change the voice, adjust the reading mode, and modify acoustic and p...[More Information]

  4. REACH INTERFACE AUTHOR Picture of REACH INTERFACE AUTHOR The REACH Interface Author is an on-screen keyboard, word prediction, and software authoring program designed to increase computer accessibility for people with upper extremity or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. REACH includes a variety of on-screen keyboards; word prediction with four vocabulary settings from 7,000 to 45,000 words, as well as customizable user dictionaries; two built-in augmentative communication systems, including one with a system of more than 120 "speech ...[More Information]

  5. SIGN SMITH STUDIO Sign Smith Studio is a software and lesson authoring tool designed to create digital media for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The program allows educators, instructional system designers, and software designers to add animated SigningAvatar characters to web page, CD-ROM, DVD, and kiosk content in order to communicate through sign language. Signed English translations are generated automatically by the program, and authors who know American Sign Language (ASL) can create con...[More Information]

  6. SWITCHIT! MAKER 2 Picture of SWITCHIT! MAKER 2 SwitchIt! Maker 2 is a lesson authoring program designed to enable teachers of children with cognitive or severe physical disabilities to create customized, switch-accessible cause and effect programs for their students. This program turns text, images, movies and sounds into simple on-screen activities accessible using a mouse, whiteboard, touch monitor, keyboard, or switches. Children can also use it to make activities as part of a lesson. Export and import features allow activities to be tran...[More Information]

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