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--- CUSTOM ADAPTATION --- PURPOSE: To provide practice in moving from sitting to standing. A plywood stool was mounted to a plywood base. In front of the stool, also on the base, is mounted a plywood ladder with hardwood rungs. The ladder is braced with barckets attached to the ladder and the base on the side away from the user. The user grasps the rungs of the ladder to pull himself to a standing position. DIMENSIONS: The ladder is 850 millimeters (mm) high. The rungs are 70 mm apart. TITLE: Happy Seating. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Volume 27, Number 3, October 2007: p. 9-12. PAGES: 5. (including cover).

Notes: The TAD Journal is available in the collection of the National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC).

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Technical Aid to the Disabled (TAD)

TADNSW is a charity organisation that has the authority to fundraise. TAD uses volunteers dedicated to the design, construction and provision of aids for people with disabilities. Members of TAD provide a resource pool comprising a range of design, engineering, rehabilitation, computer, therapy and other professional and technical skills. Aids custom-designed by TAD volunteers are described in the TAD Journal.

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