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  1. Double Directional Head Switch. ------- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Head operated switch which turns on if head is held upright and off if the head tilts too far forward or back, to encourage a child to keep her/his head in an upright position. Materials include 2 glass mercury switches, 4 feet of 2 conductor, 22 gauge stranded wire, a subminiature size plug, a strip of cardboard, soldering iron, and hot melt glue with applicator gun. Describes and diagrams construction of the switch. The switch may be attatched to...[More Information]

  2. HEAD CONTROL SWITCH The Head Control Switch is a head position switch designed for use by children and adults with disabilities. The switch is activated by being tilted and can be mounted on the head or another body part....[More Information]

  3. HEADSWITCH (MODEL 705) Picture of HEADSWITCH (MODEL 705) The Head Switch is a touch switch that can activated with various body parts for individuals with physical disabilities. The switch requires very little pressure and so can be used by the head, knee, elbow, cheek, etc. Contact manufacturer for information on switch mounting kits (not included). DIMENSIONS: The length is 3.75 inches....[More Information]

  4. MOUNTING SWITCH The Mounting Switch is a touch switch designed for use by individuals with severe physical disabilities, spinal cord injuries, or upper extremity disabilities. This switch may be mounted in a variety of locations (though used primarily at the head level) and shaped for optimal positioning. The activation pressure of the switch is adjustable from one to three ounces and an audible click is emitted when the switch closes. DIMENSIONS: 6.5 inches long. WEIGHT: 3 ounces....[More Information]

  5. RIGHTING DEVICE FOR JUVENILE. ------- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Device to provide feedback for person having difficulty keeping head upright. A mercury switch is attached to the user's head in the desired "on" position. The switch is attached to a control box. Any 110 volt appliance such as a radio is plugged into the control box and the device turns off when the head moves from the desired position and the switch is no longer in the on position. SKILLS REQUIRED: Electronics. AUTHOR: TITLE: Cerebral Palsy Resea...[More Information]

  6. Righting Device for Juvenile. ------- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Device encourages a child with cerebral palsy to hold head upright by turning on a television set or radio when the head is in the desired position, and turning it off when the head tilts forward. Control box with an electrical outlet switchable by a mercury contact switch is attached to a child's head so that holding the head upright or tilting it forward turns a radio or television on or off. Includes photograph. COMMENTS: For further information...[More Information]

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