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The Wireless Microphone Transmitter, model M-72, is a transmitter for FM amplification syatem for individuals who are hard of hearing. This transmitter has a soft compressor system which allows a wide dynamic range. Along with very linear modulation chatacteristics and low residual FM noise, it gives the most natural sound possible fron a wireless microphone. It is available with a companded or non-companded ausio system for use with any Comtek receiver (see separate entry). There is an LED indicator to monitor RF output and battery condition, and a microphone sesitivity adjustment is provided to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio for different applications. The transmitter utilizes a body industion antenna system. Only the microphone cord extends fron the trandmitter package enabling the transmitter to have a more uniform radiation pattern ehrn the unit is placed on the body or held in the hand. POWER: Rechargeable battery. OPTIONS: A separate microphone muting switch or a push button muting switch for quiet audio switching is available for $30 more. WARRANTY: One year limited.

Notes: The microphone is not included in the price of this product. ** See also Base Station Transmitter Adapter under separate entry.

Price: Contact manufacturer.

This product record was updated on April 20, 2004.

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Comtek Communications Technology, Inc.

357 West 2700 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
United States
Telephone: 800-496-3463 or 801-466-3463.
Fax: 801-484-6906.
Web: http://www.comtek.com.
Email: sales@comtek.com.

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Audio Enhancement

14241 Redwood Road
P.O. Box 2000
Bluffdale, Utah 84065
United States
Telephone: 800-383-9362 or 801-254-9263.
Fax: 801-254-3802.
Web: http://www.audioenhancement.com.
Email: sales@audioenhancement.com.

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Hear-More Products

42 Executive Boulevard
Farmingdale, New York 11735
United States
Telephone: 800-881-4327.
TT: 800-281-3555.
Fax: 631-752-0689.
Web: http://www.hearmore.com.
Email: sales@hearmore.com.

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