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The Omni Petite is a wireless microphone designed to provide amplification for individuals who are hard of hearing. It is a conpletely self-contained, portable classroom amplification system that has absolutely no wires. The system includes a wireless FM transmitter with one uni-directionsl lavalier microphone for transmitter, portable Omni-petite receiver/amplfier with one speaker and auxiliary input, and one battery charger for receiver/amplifier. POWER: Rechargeable battery works up to 35 hours in between charges. WARRANTY: One year limited.

Notes: See also Omni Lite under separate entry.

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This product record was updated on September 23, 2003.

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Audio Enhancement

14241 Redwood Road
P.O. Box 2000
Bluffdale, Utah 84065
United States
Telephone: 800-383-9362 or 801-254-9263.
Fax: 801-254-3802.
Web: http://www.audioenhancement.com.
Email: sales@audioenhancement.com.

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