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  1. CLICK -N- CLEAN The Click æN Clean Mop is a lightweight mop designed to eliminate bending and manual wringing from household mopping chores while completely eliminating dirty water from the yarn mop head. A wringing mechanism on the handle clicks and locks each time it is turned, with each turn further wringing water out of the mop. Once the mop is wrung out, the user needs only one hand to hold the mop upright and push the release button to return the mop head to mopping position....[More Information]

  2. One-Handed Mop and Bucket. ------- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Adaptation to a squeeze mop and a bucket to enable someone to mop using one hand. Describes modification to a sponge mop with a perforated metal plate for squeezing water from it. The plate is removed and fitted with clamps to hold it over a square-shaped bucket. The mop can then be dipped in the bucket and squeezed against the plate using one hand only. Includes photographs. SKILLS REQUIRED: Metalworking. AUTHOR: American Heart Association TITLE: ...[More Information]

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