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-------- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create custom adapted change table for a child with developmental delays. The child’s parent requested a table which would cover most of the bath, but would still be easy and light enough to remove and store. The first thought was to build a table with a Melamine top mounted on folding legs, which could be removed when the bath was to be used for bathing. In the end, the simplest solution proved to work beautifully was a sheet of 9 millimeter MDF with rounded corners and a cutout for the grab handle rail, painted white, which sits securely inside the rim of the bath. The parent found it fitted well and was very light and has no problems sliding out the board and leaning it against a wall when anybody in the family wants a bath. TITLE: Change table plus. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Volume 30, Number 2, April 2010: p. 14. PAGES: 2 with cover.

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Technical Aid to the Disabled (TAD)

TADNSW is a charity organisation that has the authority to fundraise. TAD uses volunteers dedicated to the design, construction and provision of aids for people with disabilities. Members of TAD provide a resource pool comprising a range of design, engineering, rehabilitation, computer, therapy and other professional and technical skills. Aids custom-designed by TAD volunteers are described in the TAD Journal.

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