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SB 1258 - DeSaulnier
Controlled Substances: Prescriptions: Reporting
05/23/2014 - In SENATE Committee on APPROPRIATIONS: Held in committee.
Requires the prescribing and dispensing of Schedule V controlled substances to be monitored in the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES). Authorizes an individual who is investigating a holder of a professional license...
SB 1446 - DeSaulnier
Health Care Coverage: Small Employer Market
07/07/2014 - Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 84
Allows a small employer health care service plan contract or small employer health insurance policy that does not qualify as a grandfathered health plan under the federal Patient Protection Act to be renewed until a specified date and to continue to ...
SB 509 - DeSaulnier
State Health Benefit Exchange: Background Checks
06/17/2013 - Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 10
Requires the State Health Benefit Exchange Executive Board to submit to the Department of Justice fingerprint images and relation information from employees of their service center, prospective employees, contractors, subcontractors, volunteers or ve...
SB 570 - DeSaulnier
Advanced Alcohol and Drug Licensing Act
08/14/2014 - In ASSEMBLY Committee on APPROPRIATIONS: Held in committee.
Amends existing law the provides for the registration, certification, and licensure of various health arts professionals. Establishes licensure and registration provisions relating to advanced alcohol and drug counselors and advanced alcohol and drug...
SB 747 - DeSaulnier
Public Health Impact Assessments
02/03/2014 - In SENATE. Returned to Secretary of Senate pursuant to Joint Rule 56.
Enacts the Public Health Epidemic Prevention Act of 2013. Authorizes the Department of Public Health to submit a request to manufacturers of a contributing product to submit a response to the Department's determination that the product is a contribut...
SB 761 - DeSaulnier
Income Taxes: Contributions: Homeless School Supplies
08/28/2014 - *****To GOVERNOR.
Requires the funds contributed from personal income tax contributions to be allocated to the State Department of Social Services for distribution to a single nonprofit organization for the sole purpose of assisting public in the State pursuant to the...
SB 782 - DeSaulnier
Income Tax: Contributions: Sexual Violence Victims
08/25/2014 - *****To GOVERNOR.
Allows and individual to designate on his or her tax return that an amount in excess of his or her tax liability be transferred to the State Sexual Violence Victim Services Fund. Requires fund moneys to be allocated to the Franchise Tax Board and the...
SB 809 - DeSaulnier
Controlled Substances: Reporting
09/27/2013 - Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 400
Relates to the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System for the electronic monitoring of the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances. Establishes a related fund. Requires an annual fee on practitioners authorized to p...
SB 978 - DeSaulnier
Rape Victims: Local Rape Victim Counseling Centers
07/18/2014 - Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 136
Allows a hospital to notify the local rape victim counseling center when the victim is presented to the hospital for the medical or evidentiary physical examination, upon approval of the victim....
SCR 8 - DeSaulnier
Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Month
05/08/2013 - Resolution Chapter No. 26
Proclaims the month of March, each year, as Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Month and encourages all citizens to participate in prevention programs and activities and to pledge to, Spread the Word...One Pill Can Kill....
SJR 11 - DeSaulnier
Housing with Services
08/20/2013 - Resolution Chapter No. 84
Urges the President and Congress to support housing with services models to achieve federal goals of using subsidized housing as a platform for service and encourages the President and Congress to direct the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to expan...

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