AB 95

Title: Budget Act of 2012: Augmentation
Author: Assembly Budget Committee

Appropriates a specified amount of money from the General Fund in augmentation of a specified appropriation in the Budget Act of 2012, regarding augmentations for contingencies and emergencies. Requires the Controller to allocate this additional amount of money according to a specified schedule.

01/10/2013 INTRODUCED.
03/14/2013 To ASSEMBLY Committee on BUDGET.
05/09/2013 Withdrawn from ASSEMBLY Committee on BUDGET.
05/09/2013 In ASSEMBLY. Ordered to second reading.
05/09/2013 In ASSEMBLY. Read second time. To third reading.
05/13/2013 In ASSEMBLY. Read third time. Passed ASSEMBLY. *****To SENATE.
05/23/2013 To SENATE Committee on RULES.
06/10/2013 From SENATE Committee on RULES with author's amendments.
06/10/2013 In SENATE. Read second time and amended. Re-referred to Committee on RULES.
06/13/2013 Withdrawn from SENATE Committee on RULES.
06/13/2013 In SENATE. Ordered to third reading.
06/14/2013 In SENATE. Joint Rule 10.5 suspended.
09/10/2013 In SENATE. From third reading. To Inactive File.

Bill Text
06/10/2013 - AB 95 (Amended)
01/10/2013 - AB 95 (Introduced)
03/24/2011 - AB 95 (Chaptered)
03/21/2011 - AB 95 (Enrolled)
03/17/2011 - AB 95 (Amended)
03/15/2011 - AB 95 (Amended)
03/14/2011 - AB 95 (Amended)
01/10/2011 - AB 95 (Introduced)


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