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S 2515 - Harkin
Community Integration Act of 2014
06/24/2014 - To SENATE Committee on FINANCE.
Relates to the Community Integration Act of 2014; ensures that Medicaid beneficiaries have the opportunity to receive care in a home and community-based setting....
S 2658 - Harkin
National Institutes of Health Funding
07/24/2014 - To SENATE Committee on BUDGET.
Prioritizes funding for the National Institutes of Health to discover treatments and cures, to maintain global leadership in medical innovation, and to restore the purchasing power the NIH had after the historic doubling campaign that ended in fiscal...
S 2917 - Harkin
Adding Ebola to the FDA Priority Review Voucher
12/16/2014 - Signed by PRESIDENT.
Creates the Adding Ebola to the Food and Drug Administration Priority Review Voucher Program Act; expands the program of priority review to encourage treatments of tropical diseases....
S 2954 - Harkin
Higher Education Affordability Act
Creates the Higher Education Affordability Act; provides a mass revision and improves the Higher Education Act of 1965....
S 39 - Harkin
Health Care and Prevention
01/22/2013 - To SENATE Committee on FINANCE.
Improves the health of Americans and reduce health care costs by reorienting the Nation's health care system toward prevention, wellness, and health promotion....
S 689 - Harkin
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder Programs
04/11/2013 - In SENATE. Placed on SENATE Legislative Calendar under General Orders.
Reauthorizes and improves programs related to mental health and substance use disorders....
S 959 - Harkin
Compounding Drugs
06/19/2013 - In SENATE. Placed on SENATE Legislative Calendar under General Orders.
Amends the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with respect to compounding drugs....

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